DC080 camera’s advanced design includes:

1. It uses computer USB power directly. It does not need an extra power supply. Not wall cord.

2. It uses an aluminum retractable stand.

3. It is foldable. Easy to carry.

4. It has 5 levels of the led light.

Hardware Specification:

  • Resolution: 8 million pixels. Sub camera is an optional component.
  • Photo size: Up to A3 paper area
  • Retractable spearmultiple joint and foldable designing.
  • Support infinite height adjusting. Camera can be adjusted left and right side with 270 degrees. It can be adjusted up and down with 360 degrees. It supports photo images in different sides. Supporting photo images with the distance be equal or greater than 35mm.
  • It comes with LED light, which has 5 levels regulating switch.
  • Camera Resolution: 1000TV line.
  • Output format: MPJPG, YUY2
  • Lowest illumination: 10Lux
  • Recommend  illumination: 50-80Lux
  • Flicker control:50HZ or 60HZ.
  • Power:5V
  • Electric current: <400mA
  • Standby current<5mA
  • Work temperature: -20-60 degree.
  • USB output format: High-speed USB 2.0 interface
  • Support driverless OS: Windows 10,Windows8/8.1 Windows 7. Windows VISTA、Windows XP sp2.
  • Automatic diaphragm, Auto focus, supporting USB pure digital output
  • Using 5V USB power, low power without radiation.

Software Specification:

  • Professional document camera software: It can demo objects to students lively. It has whiteboard software notation, courseware recording, comparing teaching, quick capture image, picture in picture and other functions. You can zoom in or out the objects in the document camera freely. It can support zoom in up to 1500%.
  • You can rotate the camera position to demo the things freely.
  • It supports notating, marks the image with line, color, transparency, thickness and so on. It supports writing all kinds of charts.
  • It supports enter text to edit. All the progress of notation will be recorded and saved. It is a simple interactive whiteboard.
  • All the buttons are displayed in the first Windows, it has not sub menu, it is convenient for teachers.
  • It can record the process of showing with video and sound.
  • It supports comparing 2,3,4,8,16 images teaching functions.
  • It supports quick capture function, it can drag the capture images into PPT, WORD or other editable documents.
  • It can control the contrast ratio, brightness, color saturation, sensitometry, auto focus and so on.

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