We have all kinds of cable connections, such as 2X3.5mm plug, USB plug, TRRS plug , 5 pins plug, 6 pins plug and so on. We have greatly improved RJ12 connector, which will not be easy to be destroyed by students now. We are manufacture, we can customize producing all kinds of connection cables according to your requirements.

We have the following cables in our stock or bulk production now.

1. USB plug, which has built in sound card for the best audio quality.

2. 3.5mm TRRS plug for tablets, portable devices,iPads, Iphone and so on.

3. 2x3.5mm plug for computers, lab language hardware and so on. With gold plated, which can make the connection with device well.

It has two types, one type with volume control bar, the other does not have volume control bar

4. 5pins plug, which is used for language lab hardware device.



6. 6pins plug, which is used for langauge lab hardware device.

7. RJ12 plug with 6 pins, which is major used for langauge lab hardware device.