Interactive Flat Panel integrates IR ten-touch, 4K LCD Display, built-in android system and OPS computer into a whole. The latest IR LED optical technology allows 10-finger touch, up to 32 users can write or draw using their fingers or a stylus. The optional built-in OPS PC standard with incorportated intel Skylake process and
Microsoftware Windwos. It is designed for the new requirements of teaching and public advertisements and digital signage.

Combing with ST-VISION Interactive software, it can display all the contents of computer and create  an interactive training, learning or meeting environments.

Interactive Flat Panels has 55 inch, 65 inch, 75 in, 86 inch and 98 inch.

The following is the specification for different models:

1. Specification for 65 inch.

2. Specification for 75 inch.

3. Specification for 86 inch.