MiBoard DT is a new kind of mini interactive whiteboard. It just has 2 cameras which can make the common whiteboard into touch whiteboard, which can be operated by fingers or other opacity things.  It is famous for sensitive and stable. 

 Optical whiteboard

The two cameras are installed on the upper corner of both sizes seperately.


It has two PCB board, which is used to connect the camera


The two PCB board is connected by one flat cable

FCC Cable

Customers just need to order these components, and then they can integrates these components into common whiteboard, and it will become touch whiteboard. Resellers can find one local common whiteboard provider to cooperate, so that they can make the whiteboard looking more beautiful. It is also easy to maintain. If these components have problem or destroyed by misusing, you just need to return certain component for us to maintain.  We provide 2 years warranty.