Optical interactive electronic whiteboard is a piece of writing, the touch function of electronic whiteboard,at the same time a large size of the computer screen,the electronic whiteboard, digital projectors are mutually connected with the computerthe projector to the computer screen projection on the whiteboardconstitutes a complete interactive demo system. Optical interactive electronic whiteboard is today's most advanced digital teaching equipmentit is not only for teachers to implement the integration of information technology and subject teaching set up an operational platform for the applicationalso become the students form understanding, communication, show the learning outcomes of cognitive tool.


Optical interactive electronic whiteboard consists of electronic whiteboard and application software two parts. Old electronic whiteboard products, the core part of hardware uses infrared more, surface acoustic wave touch technology, resistance and so on. the optical interactive electronic whiteboard touch technology adopted the most advanced optical imageboost the touch accuracy, response speed and smoothness, resolution, the service life and so on various aspects characteristics.



Optical interactive electronic whiteboard and equipped with the latest version of the application of teaching software. It combines the international top teaching software and universities teachers' teaching experience design, procedure is very practical and easy to operate. Combines teaching software and interactive electronic whiteboard products uselesson plans can be accomplished by editing, demos and interaction, and other operations. Teachers can easily build an interactive demo systemThis is not only a teaching platform can show teachers' creative abilityalso greatly broaden the scope and depth of the research and development of the education teaching, perfect promoted the grade and status of the education teaching.



Optical interactive electronic whiteboard productsit besides have the characteristics of electronic whiteboard products consistent, has its own unique advantages. Considering the biggest change is the structural design of maintenance conveniencekey components using the latest way of optical touch module components, easy to maintain.


Product Superiority


The advantage of the interactive electronic whiteboard products and its supporting software are embodied in the daily teaching:


  • Interactive electronic whiteboard used in the continuation of the traditional blackboard, pen to writing, teachers without professional training for a long time, will soon be able to handle the main function, reduce the financial burden on the teachers.

  • Interactive electronic whiteboard touch technology adopted the latest array optical image, with a touch of high precision, fast response speed, good effect of writing, the advantages of long service life.

  • Interactive electronic whiteboard proprietary stylus, fingers and any opaque objects can touch or write operation.

  • In the teaching process, we can interactive electronic whiteboard products and computer network, and other applications (PowerPoint, Word, etc.) are closely combined, complementary advantages, convenient operation of the teacherat the same time also prompted the teachers and students together use computer as the tool of cognitive and discovery, build a new understanding and the thinking way to solve the problem.

  • Panel scratch can be normal used, waterproof, dustproof, prevent oil, resistance to electromagnetic interference, resistance to light interference, meet environmental requirements.

  • Adopts the technology of the optical image positioning, improve data transmission precision and accuracy, accurate positioning and high precision of touch, fast response speed, can draw very exquisite and smooth curve, handwriting recognition without delay

  • Simple installation, convenient maintenance, do not need to install the driver and calibrate. Without special tools operation and control, zero maintenance cost.




Product Name

MiBoard DTS

Product Model

DT Series

Touch Technology

Array optical image touch technology (no special surface coating)

Touch Object

Special whiteboard pen, finger, or other opaque objects

Touch Pressure

Don't need to touch the pressure

Touch Time


Environmental Indicators

Temperature: 15 ~ 55 ; Storage temperature: - 30 ~ 75      

Use the humidity: 10% ~ 90% RH, without condensation; Store humidity: 10% ~ 90% RH, no condensation

Power Supply Mode

USB Power supply

Working voltage: typical values + 5 VDC, the allowed range + 4.75 V to + 4.75 V

The working current: < 400 mA

Interface means

USB2.0 Full speed


ROHS compliant


Working temperature range will not produce drift

Calibration mode

Four points, Multi-points calibration

Operating System

Windows 108, 7Windows XPWindows Vista

Mouse Simulation

Click and drag and drop, double-click, right-click


Windows 7 two points touch (home premium)

Support Mode

Hang a wall bracket (standard), site support (optional)

Bundled Software

Professional education software (operating system supported by the software, please refer to the software)

The following is a whiteboard touch box, optical components and cameras mounted on the left and right Angle, for after sales and maintenance.


Wall hanging type whiteboard install


Step 1: choose a solid wall, according to the whiteboard, under the frame of hanging wall positions like hole drilled on the wall four 6 mm deep, 60 mm diameter expanding nut hole. Upper and lower two each.




Hang a wall mounting holes


Step 2: The four steps into a drilled hole expanding nut respectively, using a wrench screw makes expanding nut open end up and the four expanding nut closely fixed to the wall.


Step 3: using the four bolts, the four whiteboard hanging wall is fixed in the four holes.


        Step 4, Two people lift the whiteboard, whiteboard in the hanging wall pieces with screws, as shown in the figure below:


      Step 5: After the completion of the installation of the board as shown in the figure below:



The whiteboard wire connection and projection


Step 1: Will the USB extension cord docking with the whiteboard USB cable;


Step 2: Insert the USB end of the USB extension computer USB mouth, as shown in the figure below:



Note: this product is from the interactive electronic whiteboard, insert the USB cable, therefore, after waiting for the computer to recognize the USB device, touch can be realized.


Step 3The projector and computer connected;


Step 4Open the computer and projector, computer image projected onto the electronic whiteboard.


椭圆: USB line椭圆: VGA or HDMIhttp://server.ccidnet.com/col/attachment/2010/10/2088715.jpg