Support Windows 10  Wi-FI802.11n

Snetclass software is one of the greatest educational software. It has a very strong functions, and it also can be used as pure language lab software. Snetclass software support Wireless LAN and wired LAN. It is famous for its stable and very easy to use.

Main Functions

  1. Screen Broadcast: Teacher PC can broadcast the screen, video file, flash smoothly without delay to student PC.
  2. Voice Broadcast: Teacher can broadcast his voice without delay to student PC.
  3. Screen Recorder: Teacher and sudent can record their own operations and then save in video file, which can be broadcast in any PC which has installed media player
  4. Monitor: Teacher can monitor any student PC in the classroom.
  5. Media Player. Teacher can broadcast all kinds media file formats, such as MPEG, DAT, MVI and so on, to student PC without delay.
  6. Control Website and application: Teacher can restrict student to visit any website or application freely.
  7. Teacher can remote open website on student PC.
  8. Group Teaching:Teacher can divide the students into several groups, and set leader for each group to run group teaching.
  9. Exam: It has strong exam functions. Teacher can know student study progress from students by using this function easily.
  10. Remote Command: Teacher can remote run the program in student PC;teacher can remote startup, turn off and restart student computer.
  11. File transfer and collect the file: Teacher can transfer the file to student PC easily, and also teacher can collect the file from student PC.
  12. Restrict USB: Teacher can restrict student to use USB flash memory freely.
  13. Digital Recorder: It can record teacher and student voice, which can be used in language lab.


Teacher side

Requirements: CPU Core 2 E6300, 2Gbytes Memory, 256Mbytes Display Card
Student side
Requirements: CPU Core 2 E4300, 1Gbytes Memory, 128Mbytes Display Card

Operating System:Support all Windows, includes Windows 10, 8.1,8, 7, Vista, XP and so on.

Network: Wired Network 10MB/100MB/1000MB. Wireless Network 802.11n.

Note: If you need demo version and further details about Snetclass software, please contact with us:  We look forward to cooperate with your company.