FAQ:  Frequently asked questions!

Q: Can Snetclass software support Windows 10?

A: Yes, yes, it can support Windows  10, 8.1/8 32bits and 64bits, Windows 7 32bits and 64bits, Vista, XP and so on.

Q: Can Snetclass software support wireless LAN

A: Yes, it can support Wi-Fi 802.11n well.

Q: How to register Snetclass software

A: It has two register ways: 1. Register by serial number. 2. Register by USB dongle.

Q: How many max students allow to log in teacher PC in one classroom?

A: It supports up to 255 students log in in one classroom.

MiBoard Software major functions

  1. You are able to interact with your normal computer functions along with the added benefit of specialist writing and drawing tools via the MiBoard software.
  2. Presentations can be pre-prepared, saved for future use, edited and emailed. Web casts or video conferencing is easy with the system, making it fully interactive to local and worldwide locations.
  3. MiBoard is a means of converting any suitable surface into a unique interactive presentation screen, allowing you to carry out a large screen presentation with the ability of interacting directly you’re your computer. Consider the screen a clone or extension of your computer or laptop allowing you to access all your applications along with added benefit of a comprehensive selection of writing, drawing aids and animation tools to enhance your presentations.
  4. MiBoard software and hardware is easy to setup and learn, it does not need professional technology.
  5. Users can define the main function in the tool bar, and also the toolbar can move to any place of the projection area to meet different teachers’ requirements.
  6. MiBoard software has strong functions, such as screen recorder, spotlight, Handwriting recognization, all kinds of pen and so on.
  7. MiBoard hardware is portable enough to carry or lock in the desk.
  8. Teacher can use the software to prepare the courseware at home without connecting the hardware.
  9. Great sentive receiver makes it easy to write and draw.
  10. Support up to 100 inch whiteboard.